Packing a Small Car

I've done enough moving and road trips in my Honda Accord enough times to call myself an expert in the art of packing small cars (and leaving enough room so you can still see out of the back windshield). It really is like a game of Tetris and I have to thank my parents and... Continue Reading →

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2020

Whether you’re taking a cruise, lounging at an all-inclusive resort, or heading on an island-hopping adventure, a Caribbean island vacation is always a great time. You’ll experience clear waters, secluded beaches, colorful bars, luxurious hotels, funky gift shops, unbelievable hiking trails, and fascinating historical tales. You’ll feast on some of the freshest seafood and fruitiest... Continue Reading →

Finding The Right Travel Buddy

When I started this blog, my original goal was to visit all 50 states before my wedding day. With all the buzz on the internet about solo travel and how women don't need men, I felt like I needed to "beat the clock." I knew I wanted to get married one day, and I had... Continue Reading →

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